Quite often, your attitude in life will determine your destiny. The optimist who moves forward during times of strife finds and enjoys success more than the pessimist who complains, worries, puts down others, doesn't believe in herself etc. etc. You may choose to be a tiny little sapling that folds under the least bit of pressure from the smallest wind-- or you may choose to be a giant oak tree that rises above challenges.

  • Don’t fall into the “victim” mentality. Take control of your situation and persevere.
  • You may very soon be part of the workforce and may work with people you do not get along with. You will still need to accomplish a task regardless of your opinion of others. Being a member of this team is an excellent way to practice being a supportive and contributing member of an interdependent group. You have a responsibility to yourself and your teammates to behave appropriately and perform to the best of your ability. 
  • You may very soon be entering college and/or the workforce and will need to speak with professors or bosses regarding grades, assignments, general classroom performance, salaries, job duties etc. etc. Your parents will not be there to call your boss or professor and complain that you did not earn the salary or grade you felt like you deserved. Get used to dealing with adults especially since you are very near being an adult yourself. Feel free to speak to the coach at the appropriate time with any problems you may have. 
  • If you have time for drama, you are not working hard enough as a member of the team. Drama is good for actors but not for athletes. Just play your game the way you trained to and ignore any stimulus that has the potential to take you out of your best performance. Athletes who yell at teammates in a derogatory manner will be isolated from the rest of the team.
  • Coaches are there to help you be the best player you can be. If we correct your skill or tactics, we are not picking on you, trying to embarrass you, or fabricating something to make you angry. We are not the enemy! We are here to help you! If any player makes deprecating remarks during training, we will ask her to sit out and watch the rest of the team train, so her negativity doesn't spread and destroy team cohesion and focus.
  • Turn, “This is boring!” or “This stinks!” into “This may make me a better player.” Coaches will make sessions as fun as possible. However, mundane repetition is sometimes necessary to improve fitness, a skill, or tactic. Keep working hard!
  • Working hard to win is a great life skill as long as you're not solely focusing on winning but are also trying to put forth your best effort. By putting forth your best technical and tactical effort at all times, you have done everything you can to contribute to the team and the outcome of the game. Lose yourself in the moment of play instead of focusing on the end result.
  • You will play games the way you practice. Practice hard in smart ways!
  • Your body is your tool to being a top-level athlete; so treat it with respect. Eat well, rest well, don’t put anything in it that may hurt your performance.
  • Realistically identify and exploit your strengths while you realistically identify your weaknesses and work to correct and minimize the consequences of them. Be realistically introspective. In other words, be willing to take an objective and honest look at yourself. This will serve you well in soccer and in life. Do you remember the "American Idol Effect" that Coach Kile explained? Escape the "American Idol Effect." 
  • Do not hate our opponents. Use them as learning tools. Identify something they do poorly and make a mental note to avoid the same mistake. Identify something they do well and try to emulate or copy it. Don't be afraid to sincerely talk to an opponent after a game to learn a new skill from her or compliment her on a great performance. Acknowledging these things will make you a better player.
  • Ask yourself these questions: Do you only love soccer on game days? Do you love soccer enough to let the coaches know when you will be absent from sessions? Do you love soccer enough to invest time training during the off season? Would a lack of varsity game time (only playing JV) ruin your passion for the game? If so, why?
  • People who truly love soccer will play whenever they have the opportunity and make the best of any game situation.