Spring Sports

Announcement: Any scheduled game on Schedule Star not denoted with an (*), is considered a “non-league” or “exhibition” game. In case of Cancellation or postponement, any “non-league/ exhibition" game may not be made up by the end of the season. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Athletics Department (below).


Bonnie Gregory-  Middle School Principal
Office: 570-474-6782  ext. 340
Fax: 570-475-1035
Email: bonnie.gregory@csdcomets.org

Joseph Delusso- Asst. High School Principal
Office: 570-474-6792 ext. 307
Fax: 570-475-1035
Email: joseph.delusso@csdcomets.org

Mike Bannon MS, ATC, LAT- Athletic Trainer
Office: 570-474-6782 Ext. 335     
Fax: 570-475-1035
Email: mike.bannon@csdcomets.org