Heat Acclimatization

Heat Acclimatization

21. Heat acclimatization recommendations ratified by the PIAA Board of Directors to clarify

some questions that have been proposed from the membership, which are as follows:

1) This only affects those schools starting in the preceding week. For heat

acclimatization to be minimally effective, three straight days of Practice

cannot be followed by more than 48 hours of rest; therefore, the earliest

date the 3 days of heat acclimatization may start in the previous week in

2013 is Wednesday, August 7th.

2) Minimum Practice time for a day of Practice during the first 3 days of heat

acclimatization is 3 hours. It may be broken into separate sessions.

3) The end date of Preseason heat acclimatization is Labor Day. Any player

coming out for a Team after that day, their heat acclimatization program

and participation in Practice prior to competition is to be determined by

each member school.

4) Junior high may not start earlier than the First Practice Day of fall

Practice. If Coaches want the freshmen to participate in senior high

workouts the previous week, they may under the provision of the “superfrosh”

rule, but 7th and 8th graders are not eligible for Practice before the

First Practice Day.