Soccer Moves

30 Ball-handling Skills

Practice these every day!

ü  Make sure to perform the skills correctly several times before increasing pace. Gradually get faster while building to game speed.

ü  Use your dominant and non-dominant foot for left and right components. 

ü  As you get better, try combining two or three of the above moves while building speed. You only need one or two moves to be an excellent player.

ü  Have a move in mind you will use before you’re confronted by a defender.

ü  Hide the ball during games. Do not expose the ball to a defender. Think about/imagine/visualize drawing the defender while executing moves.

1. Actress- Big fake kick (Sell it!), push to left or right side, pull back, tap behind planted leg (Cruyff Fake), or simply reset ball with foot on top and quickly look to score, pass, or dribble to space. Try with a stationary and moving ball. A Beckham Fake is Actress combined with Cruyff while faking a shot. Inside of foot pushes ball behind you. Variations include-- *keeping a defender close, shouldering in to create space-- *jumping in air while executing skill.

2. Pullback/Stop-Turn- Foot on top, pull ball back, ball Variations Include:

  • Hop on one foot and spin backwards in a circle
  • Hop on one foot and move straight back
  • Hop back then push ball forward with foot at equator
  • Make ball stop/make ball move backwards
  • At sideline, use outside-of-foot and inside-of-foot turns. 

3. Fake Stop-Turn- Hop with one foot on top of ball but push ball forward. Next time do a High-Wave.

4. Step-Over/Scissor- Use inside of foot (step-over) and outside of foot (scissor) to fake your opponent. Add quick flick with outside of foot, quick cut at equator with inside of foot (see # 6), and stab ball with laces. Create combinations!

5. Sideline Save (Maradona or Marseille Turn)- Inside foot on top of ball/pull back and jump/spin/switch feet while in air (Ball stationary first—then with moving ball). Also see #2 for variation.

6. Tight Circle/Helicopter Turn- Use outside (little toe) and inside (big toe) of foot at equator to dribble in a very small radius and/or hide the ball with your body. Try spinning with ball on inside of foot.

7. Top-Of-Ball Roll (Bulldozer)- Face sideways. Foot on top of ball. Roll towards the inside of the foot on the ball. Step sideways crossing legs, then uncross and repeat process. Combine with step-over and/or scissor. Practice stationary drills where you roll over X 2 and stop ball with inside of other leg or bottom of opposite foot. Variations include deflection and facing forward while rolling on top.

8. Threat, Roll-Through, Ghost- Pretend you will play a ball by lunging towards an oncoming pass. Take away with outside of foot. Also, allow ball to roll through legs. Don't forget to check your shoulder first!

9. Roll-Up- Pull ball back and let it roll on top of your foot. Hold it there by pointing your toe towards the ceiling. Try to flick it back into the air and catch again.

10. Lace walk- Train striking surface of your foot by walking slowly and softly contacting ball with laces. Lock ankle! Try seated ankle hit and seated lace juggle. Try standing while juggling only using laces. Alternate feet each time you contact ball. Challenge yourself to only use laces and set a record high number.

11. Quick cut- At full sprint, outside or inside of foot, quickly flick the ball to the side (to space) by contacting at the equator. 

12. High-Speed Acceleration- Dribble slowly then explode with speed while keeping control. Maintain a soft touch on ball and an unpredictable cadence/ rhythm. Limit your steps. i.e. Don't take more than two steps before your next touch, three steps etc. 

13. Pullback/Inside of foot-turn (Cruijff/Kluivert Turn)- Use inside of foot to move ball behind you then to your side (Spin variation while receiving pass allowing ball to roll on inside of foot). Foot on top pull-back and inside of same foot to move ball around on-coming defender.

14. Deflection Catch- Foot on top of ball. Roll ball into side of other foot. Catch and balance ball on top of first foot.

15. Pele Runaround Move- Dribble toward defender, pass ball to space and run around defender to ball. Use your imagination to envision a defender while you travel at full speed.

16. Flick vs. Scoop- Place stationary foot on ground under equator of ball and quickly move foot in the air using top of foot to elevate ball. Works well to drop a short pass to a teammate over the head of defenders. A scoop is nearly the same as a flick except player slows foot action to balance ball on laces while picking the ball up into the air. This works well when trapped on sideline. Scoop the ball over the defender.

17. Running Repeats- Consecutive # of knees, feet, heads while moving across field. Don’t let the ball touch the ground more than once between touches (one-bounce). Combine and limit surfaces. Only use feet, only feet and knees, only head etc. How many yards can you travel? Try not letting the ball hit the ground. Try for distances like width of the field or 10 yards, 20 yards, etc. 

18. Short Hop- Toss ball in air, control ball as soon as it hits ground with inside, outside, bottom, top, of foot, knee, and butt ball. Deflect ball to space using sides and bottom of feet. Try half-volley then full-volley. Try getting ball in air without using your hands. 

19. Maradona 7- Feet, Knees, Shoulders, Head... in that order without the ball touching the ground.

20. Shoulder Fake- While in possession of the ball, drive shoulders in a direction without moving the ball making it appear to the defender you will run. #8 is when recieving a pass but this is when you are in possession of the ball.

21. Create-a-move- Invent your own effective move or combination of moves. You only need one awesome move to become an excellent player. Master one move to use during games. What’s your favorite?

22. Pendulum- Hop on alternating feet while hitting the ball back and forth between insides of feet. Stationary/Forward/Reverse.

23. Hop on top- One foot on the ground, one foot on top of the ball. Jump and switch feet. Stationary/Forward/Reverse/Inside.

24. Behind leg catch/between knees or feet catch while jumping- Scoop ball, let it bounce once and catch behind bent knee. Scoop ball, let it bounce once, jump in the air and catch between knees or feet.

25. Locomotor Touch-Skip while pushing ball. Variations include sliding, hopping, galloping etc.

26. Trick Lift- Pull ball straight back on top of opposite foot. Hop in air when ball is on top of foot, lifting ball in air. Try to catch it on your foot.

27. Matthews Turn- Fake to left with inside of right foot and take away ball with outside of right foot while you hop.

28. Self-Chip/Roll Heel- Receive a fast pass letting it roll up on top of foot and travel over your shoulder. Hit ball with heel to make in continue in original direction. Be careful of intentional handling!

29. Spinner/Snake- Spinner = Foot on top and quickly roll bottom of foot around the top half of ball, clockwise with right foot to make ball spin on ground. Finish with outside of foot. Variations include while hopping. Snake = Very quickly alternating outside, inside, and outside of same foot OR inside, outside, inside.  

30. Side of foot flick- Use this when a pass is a bit too far behind you and near waist height traveling in the same direction you are running. Flick your foot in the air to contact ball and make it continue in intended direction. Bounce at waist height to begin.

31. Skipper- Jogging, trap ball with foot on top. Jump in the air and tap ball with inside of opposite foot.