Student and Parent Volunteers at Events


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Student and Parent Volunteers at fundraisers and community event(s) 2016-2017

The PTSA and the Lock-In are for you, the students. We welcome your input and your participation! We currently planning several Lock-In fundraisers that we can use your help with.  Thanks.

We are also planning community events and we can use your help as well.  Thanks.

Students, please contact Michelle 570-301-8435  if you are able to volunteer your time to help with the upcoming events, fundraisers, etc listed on the PTSA Main Page when they become available.  Thanks. 


Many Thanks to the following student and parent volunteers for helping out with various fundraisers and community event

Candy & Lottery Sales at White Haven Festival Oct 8 & 9

Tanner Pitman
Adam Keil
James Graves

Nancy Pitman
Amy Keil
Paula Graves
Lori Boyer

Community Awareness Event at High School  Oct 18

Kenny Brush
Michael Ayala
Ashley Lewis
Ky LaMarca
Brandy Jones

Karen Klush
Michelle LaMarca
Nancy Blass
Joan Kaminski

Candy & Lottery Sales @Turkey Hill  Oct 29

Kyle Gegaris
Tim Stewart
Michael Ayala
Kyle Richards
Hannah Williams
Step McGlynn
Keara Stout
Noah Jackson
Bri Hischak
Kate Garcia
Kenny Brush

Ed Kaminski
Joan Kaminski
Kristin Gegaris
Renee Swartz
Tiffany Herron

​Candy & Lottery Sales Nov 12

First Shift 9:45am - Noon (Assisted with set up as well)

Jamie Witnshki
Amanda Goss

Lorrie Goss

Second Shift   Noon - 2 pm

Gabby Mcelhattan
Kristen Skatuler and Gwynn Shermanski

Kim Shermanski

Third Shift  2pm  - 4:15pm (Assisted with clean up as well)

Noah Modrovsky
Alyson Muse
Ky LaMarca
Lance Blass

Suzanne Modrovsky
Michelle LaMarca
Nancy Blass

Posters ( Making posters for the Candy & Lottery Sales)


Ivy Denebaum
Brandy Jones
Neil Simasek

Many thanks to the following
Students who volunteered at the Spring Bingo, March 26, 2017
Maggie Murphy - 10th Grade Key Club
Abbey Harrison - 10th Grade Key Club
Miranda Slosky - 10th Grade Key Club
Ashleigh Delay - 9th Grade Key Club
Kayla Supkowski - 9th Grade Key Club
Madison Smith - 10th Grade Key Club
Kyle Richards - 12th Grade
Garrett McAfee - 12th Grade
Lance Blass - 12th Grade
Megan Hudack - 12th Grade
Rachel Speck- 12th Grade
Ally Olszyk - 12th Grade
Sarah Klush - 12th Grade
Maria Ellis - 12th Grade
Noah Modrovsky - 12th Grade
Zack Anderson - 12th Grade
Justin Whetstone - 12th Grade
Lauren Reidinger - 11th Grade Key Club
Emily Dreyfus - 11th Grade Key Club
Ky LaMarca - 12th Grade