21st Century Excitement

Leading edge
Quest Atlantis has arrived at Crestwood Middle School and the students are on a mission to light the arch and wake the world! Watch the video below to find out more about the philosophy behind this 21st century learning environment.


See the Crestwood feedback on their experience with Quest Atlantis.

Mobile laptop carts
Teachers school-wide are using this wireless technology to enhance the student's learning experience. Students are utilizing vocabulary sites, researching worldwide volcanoes and earthquakes, and connecting with information from around the world.

Promethean Boards
The middle school has this engaging technology available throughout the classrooms and subject areas.

Class Wiki-spaces
Wikis include pages to improve a student's class performance by
providing links to help with their skills.  The web site also contains pages of activities used in class to reinforce concepts and pages for parents to help guide
children on technology usage. Check out Mrs. Drazdowski's wikispace at http://mrsdraz.wikispaces.com/ or Mrs. Kellner's wikispace at http://dkellner.wikispaces.com/ or Mrs. Kline's wikispace at http://mrsklinecivics.wikispaces.com

Online testing
Students are now able to take tests online.  In order to do so, the teacher needs to input the test into the Skyward system and then instruct Skyward to mix the questions randomly for each user while taking the test.  Mrs. Kellner was the first to try this capability on her science quarterly. She used the laptops and the desktops in the library to supply every student with an individual computer able to simultaneously access Skyward. Students loved the immediate feedback as they were able to view the results as soon as they were done with the exam.  Mrs. Drazdowski has been using this testing capability for short quizzes in her computers classes.  Right now, it is still difficult to get access to an individual computer per student, but as Crestwood Middle School places an emphasis on 21st century learning, these barriers should diminish.

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