Hickory Run 11

The eighth grade teachers prepare students for a fun day of learningin an incredibly beautiful outdoor classroom.  Students prepare for theday by learning the problem solving skills necessary for orienteering.The day has four main components designed to engage the students inactive learning: orienteering, math estimation, geology of Boulder Fieldand water quality testing for the Department of Conservation andNatural Resources.
Each activity is speciallydesigned to peak the student's interest. Orienteering is what is knownas a culminating activity designed to allow students to test the problemsolving and map reading skills they learned in school on a realorienteering course.  At Boulder Field the students collect data bycounting the boulders in a one square meter area. They take threesamples, take the average and then given the area of Boulder Field, theyestimate the number of boulders in Boulder Field.  This is the engagingactivity leading into the probability and statistics lessons withinMath class. The park naturalist explained the theory of formation ofBoulder Field and took the students on an exploration of Boulder Field.The water quality testing allows the students to help out DCNR and takeactual data to assure the water quality in the park is safe for the parkusers.
Thanks to the Park rangers for allowingus to use the park for educational purposes and assisting with thewater quality and boulder field activities. Thanks to all of thechaperones who made sure the students made their way back to the bussesand assisted with the lessons. Thanks to all of the teachers who workedhard to plan, prepare and accomplish this field trip.
Unfortunately,a cold front and its accompanying thunderstorms prevented the red teamfrom attending the trip on their scheduled date this year and the park'sschedule does not typically allow for rain reschedules.
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Hickory Run 11
Uploaded: 25 July, 2012
by: brian.wildsmith