PA Junior Academy of Science


Excellence Award in Ecology

Congratulations to all participants in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Regional Meeting which was held at King’s College on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

Crestwood had a total of 29 first awards and 15 second awards.


 Here are the middle school results:


First Award Chemistry

Alexandra Ayers

McKenna Mera


First Award Math

Tara Full

Preston Isreal – perfect score

Zachary Metzger

Alice Novatnak

Michael Paranich – perfect score

Richard Supkowski

Ryan Toporcer

Curtis Tokach


Second Award Chemistry

Emily Shiplett


Second Award Math

Joanne Monfiletto

Special Thanks to Mr. Stanek for all of his dedication and time spent with these students to help them be properly prepared to present their projects at the Academy. Thanks also to the many crestwood middle school teachers who gave their time to listen to and review the projects for these students. All First Award winners will present their projects again at the State Meeting to be held at Penn State Main Campus in May.