Watershed Education

District Teachers get trained to bring DCNR water quality training to the students

Mrs. Albright, Rice Elementary; Mrs. Lipinski, Fairview Elementary;Mrs. Ritzik, Fairview Elementary; Mr. Gerrity, Crestwood Middle School;and Mrs. Kellner, Crestwood Middle School all participated in theWatershed Education teacher training workshop at Nescopeck State Parkprovided by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources toallow their classes to become a part of a statewide network of teachersand students that monitor the water quality of local waterways.  Mr.Gough at Crestwood High School has been previously trained andparticipates with his environmental science classes.  Thank you to DianeMadl and the staff at the DCNR for their dedication despite rainy andcold weather.  Scroll down to see the pictures. 

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Watershed Education
Uploaded: 25 July, 2012
by: brian.wildsmith