Crestwood Secondary Campus - Grades 7-12

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Margaret S. Foster, Secondary Principal of Academic Affairs
John Gorham, Secondary Principal of Student Affairs

Meghan Nealon, Building Secretary (Ext. 342)
Liz Walck, Receptionist (Ext. 301)
281 South Mountain Boulevard * Mountain Top, PA 18707
570-474-6782 * 570-474-1175

Secondary Campus Traffic pattern Aug 2018

Visiting the Secondary Campus - ID check and buzz in procedure

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All parents and visitors to the Secondary Campus for a meeting or to pick up a student must park in a lined parking space in the parking lot. PLEASE DO NOT park in the Fire Lane, regardless of the brevity of your visit. Students are reminded to park in lined parking spaces at all times.


Responsibilities of Educational Institutions
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 - called the Buckley Amendment - provides for cutting off U.S. Office of Education (OE) funding to institutions that do not comply with the standards prescribed in the Act. The essence of those standards is that:   Parents of a child who is under age 18 and has never attended an educational institution beyond the high school level must be allowed to inspect the child’s school records. Students on reaching age 18 or attending an institution beyond the high school level, called eligible students in the regulations, must be allowed to review their own school or college records, and their parents may no longer do so.

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