Reading Resources

The number one question we often hear involves what you, as the child’s primary caregiver, can do at home to help with reading. There are so many great websites that you can use at home to help your child succeed.

Teachers often talk about the five big ideas in reading.  They are:
  • fluency
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
Those five ideas are the things we target in our teaching.  A great resource to learn more about the reading process and our five big ideas, reading disabilities and techniques you can use at home is

Sight word knowledge is extremely important since much (over half!) of our daily reading involves sight words.  You can find various versions of the sight word lists that come from really informative sites.  Please visit  This site has lists of sight words and phrases as well as activities and games.

We know how much children love video games.  If you have a Wii, there is a site that uses the Wii with an academic twist that will make kids love to learn!

Other great sites to bookmark:


Remember:  The best way to help your child is by setting a good example.  Parents who sit down to read will have children who sit down to read!   Above all, have fun with it!